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How I Am Growing Instagram 0-10K In 90 Days

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Collabs are the #1 way to grow on Instagram when you have no followers.

Actually, even if you have a ton of followers

🗺️ Game Plan

1. Create a database of accounts that have a similar amount of followers to you

2. Start engaging with them

3. Reach out for a collab

💣 Pro Tips*

1. Find accounts that are in similar niches to yours but not your niche

You will have easier time finding collabs and might tab into audience that down follow accounts I your niche yet

2. Give more than you get to collab with bigger accounts

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Collabs won’t do any good unless you optimize your content

Drive as many people as you want to your account, but if your content isn’t great barely anyone will follow you

⚡ 3 ways to optimize:

1. Make your content better than anyone else

2. Create it in a unique way

3. Make boring content entertaining

If you are going to put a ton of work driving traffic to your profile then make sure it’s not done for nothing…

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External Promotions

Aside from collabs huge mistake people make is not doing external promotions

The main problem of being small is that you don’t get enough initial engagement with your content to get it on the explore page.

You might have the best content out there, but it won’t reach people without an initial engagement threshold.

🗺️ Action Plan:

Share your content to communities, reddit, forums…

⛔ Do not just SPAM

You can give value, ask for feedback, have meaningful connections.

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Content Funnel

Create Instagram funnel

Main way to grow on Instagram is to have high engagement

Higher level of engagement = content being pushed to more people

🗺️ A few ways to do this:

1. Ask questions

2. Have interactive stories

3. Slide into those DMs

4. Get people to slide into your DMs

5. Create contests

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Being Interactive

Interacting with other people content is like collabing without needing to reach out

1. Put on post notifications from big accounts in your niche

2. Be first to write a comment that ads additional value

⛔ Don’t just say say ‘awesome’

💣 To take it one more step

Answer other people questions under big account posts

It takes time but it can be very fruitful at the beginning

🖥️ Tools Mentioned:


🧰 Google Trends

🧰 Answer The Public


🧰 Bluehost

🧰 Hostinger

🧰 Mailerlite

🧰 Getresponse

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