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90% Mailerlite Black Friday Deal + My Bonuses (Limited)

Mailerlite Black Friday Deal


Probably the best value for money email marketing software. It has prey much almost all of he necessary features you want to find in an email marketing software

πŸ† Score: 8.5/10

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🧠 Mailerlite Black Friday Deal

I’m excited to share that we’ve secured Early Access to the MailerLite Black Friday deal, and I’ve included a link for you to take advantage of this offer.

Additionally, there are some bonuses available when you sign up through this link. Hurry, as the deal is valid until December 7th.

If you want bonuses comment the word ‘bonuses’ under any of my instagram posts – Insagrram and I will send you bonuses via DMs

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πŸš€ Two Exciting Options

There are two different options to choose from:

    1. 90% Off for the First Month (Monthly Plan)
      • Great for those opting for a monthly plan.
      • Immediate savings of $30, making it a fantastic deal.
    2. 33% Off for the Whole Year (Annual Plan)
      • Applicable to the Advanced plan, equivalent to 4 months free.
      • A more substantial discount that can result in significant savings over the year.

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    πŸ’΅ Considerations for Monthly and Annual Plans

    When deciding between monthly and annual plans, it’s crucial to consider the long-term implications:

    • Monthly Plan Savings:

      • Choosing the 90% discount saves $30 initially.
      • However, as your subscriber list grows, monthly payments increase.
    • Annual Plan Benefits:

      • Opting for the 33% discount for the whole year can save you nearly $40 per month as your list expands.
      • Especially beneficial for those scaling and growing their email lists

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    🎨 Advanced Plan vs. Growth Plan

    While both plans have their merits, opting for the Advanced Plan comes with additional advantages:

    • Advanced Plan Features:
      • Facebook Integrations.
      • Promotional Popups.
      • Multiple Triggers in Automations.
    • Essential features for effective email marketing.

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    🎨 Value for Money

    Mailer Light stands out as a favorite among email marketing software.

    It offers comprehensive features, making it the best option for value for money.

    Check out my reviews comparing Mailer Light to other software to learn more.

      Mailerlite Pricing

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      πŸ’° MailerLite Features

      MailerLite transcends mere email marketing; it’s an all-in-one powerhouse. Housing email marketing, automations, a website builder, and e-commerce capabilities under one roof, MailerLite is a game-changer.

      Robust Editors

      Embrace creativity with MailerLite’s rich text editor, drag-and-drop editor, and custom HTML editor. Effortlessly design captivating email campaigns with features like carousel galleries, accordion tabs, event RSVPs, videos, and dynamic content blocks.

      eCommerce Integration

      For e-commerce enthusiasts, MailerLite supports seamless product promotion through “Product Blocks.” Personalize emails with customer details and create custom fields for enhanced engagement.

      Image Library and Editor

      Enhance visual appeal with MailerLite’s built-in image library boasting over 1 million images and GIFs. Fine-tune visuals using the image editor, adding filters, shapes, borders, stickers, text, and more.

        Mailerlite Features

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        πŸ’° MailerLite Automations

        MailerLite’s automation prowess is unparalleled. Craft buyer journeys with workflows triggering events, subscriber actions, form completions, link clicks, and more. Drive conversions with cart abandonment emails, order confirmations, and personalized product recommendations.

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        πŸ’° MailerLite Website Builder

        Dive into the website-building arena with MailerLite’s versatile site builder. Choose from 20+ templates, utilize 15+ content blocks, and integrate interactive elements like quizzes and surveys. Monetize your site with paywalls and member-exclusive content, all SEO-compatible for optimal search engine visibility.

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        πŸ•ΉοΈ Conclusion and Reviews

        In conclusion, MailerLite’s Black Friday Deal is a fantastic opportunity for savings and enhanced features.

        I’ve shared some reviews comparing MailerLite to other email marketing software, highlighting its excellence.

        Don’t miss out on this offer – check the links for discounts and bonuses.

        Claim Mailerlite Black Friday Deal

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