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‘Upside-Down Homepage’ Hack Increased Justin Welsh Conversions by 300%

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🧠 This simple web design technique increased my conversions by 300%.

It’s called the Upside-Down Homepage. Here’s how it works:

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🧠 Start with your primary CTA (call-to-action) in the hero:

Put your call-to-action at the top, not the bottom.

That way, when someone visits your homepage, they quickly see what you’re offering and can immediately decide if they want it.

Just tell people what you offer.

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🧠 Support the primary CTA with social proof like logos or testimonials:

Right after your CTA, share some good words from people who’ve tried your product or service.

Feature well-known clients with testimonials if you have them.

Don’t have any?


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    🧠 Follow up the social proof with free articles and guides, but bake the CTA into those assets:

    Didn’t catch them yet?

    Next, share helpful content that showcases your expertise and authority.

    – Newsletter issues

    – Gree guide

    – Popular articles

    Bake the CTA inside.

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    🧠 Tell your story and follow up with one more CTA at the bottom:

    Lastly, share who you are and what you’re about.

    Talk about your journey as it relates to your audience.

    List your skills, background, and why you started your business.

    Then go for the CTA one more time.

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