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7 Ways How Easlo Makes $600k/year with Notion Templates (His Secret Growth Hacks)

How much Money does Easlo Make with Notion

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🧠 Who is Easlo

Meet Easlo: The Notion Trailblazer

  1. Young Entrepreneurial Dynamo:

    • Discover the story of Easlo, a 20-year-old solopreneur hailing from Singapore, who has taken the online world by storm.
    • Uncover how Easlo transformed his passion for productivity into a thriving business empire, making over $500,000 annually.
  2. Notion Template Maven:

    • Delve into Easlo’s realm as a seasoned Notion template creator, offering a spectrum of templates tailored for individuals, creators, and entrepreneurs.
    • Explore how Easlo’s innovative templates, from habit trackers to task managers, have become go-to solutions for those seeking organizational mastery.
  3. Success in the Side Hustle Arena:

    • Navigate through Easlo’s side hustle journey, where he reveals his secrets to success in selling Notion templates, including insights into his favorite low-cost tools.
    • Learn how this ambitious entrepreneur made a splash, earning significant sums within months, as shared in various online platforms like Founder Club and Reddit.
  4. Community Engagement and Growth:

    • Join Easlo’s vibrant community on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, where he shares valuable tips and engages with a growing audience.
    • Explore the impact of Easlo’s journey on the community, fostering a collaborative space for Notion enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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    🧠Jason Ruiyi(Easlo) Chin’s Notion Journey

    Unleashing Creativity Post-Graduation


    • Jason Ruiyi Chin, a high school graduate of 2021, discovered the potential of customizing Notion beyond traditional note-taking during his school days.
    • Post-graduation, Chin delved into exploring Notion’s diverse functionalities, unleashing a wave of creativity.

    Easlo’s Template Mania


    • Under the pseudonym Easlo, Chin rolled out fundamental templates such as budget and habit trackers.
    • These templates resonated with users, quickly catapulting Easlo into social media stardom.

    Easlo Twitter Triumphs and Template Teasers


    • Leveraging YouTube tutorials, Chin mastered Notion’s intricate functions.
    • He strategically released these initial templates for free, leveraging his growing Twitter audience and Product Hunt to spread the word.
    • Chin’s keen observation of successful productivity Twitter accounts played a pivotal role in shaping his online presence.

    Summer Splash of Freebies


    • Throughout the summer of 2021, Easlo generously shared new, free Notion templates with the community.
    • The templates were accessible on Gumroad, allowing users to download them for free or leave a tipβ€”a gesture that further fueled Easlo’s popularity.

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    🧠 Easlo Twitter & Entrepreneurial Journey

    Venturing into Paid Templates


    • Lucrative Realization: In November 2021, Jason recognized the potential of transforming “Easlo” into a profitable venture.

      This marked his foray into entrepreneurship, making it his inaugural job.

    • Charging for Creativity: To monetize his templates, Jason transitioned from offering free to paid products. The shift was seamless, facilitated by Gumroad, allowing him to set prices effortlessly.

    Strategic Marketing Moves


    • Email Outreach: To announce his paid products, Jason strategically reached out to those who had previously downloaded his free templates via email.
    • Surprising Success: The response exceeded expectations, with people willingly paying for the new templates. This unexpected success paved the way for Easlo’s profitable transition.

    Easlo Twitter and Product Hunt Influence

    • Easlo Twitter Fandom: With a substantial Twitter following of over 211,000, Jason leveraged his Twitter audience as a primary source of customers.
    • Product Hunt Performance: Easlo’s prominence on Product Hunt further amplified his reach, attracting a flood of new customers to explore and purchase his Notion templates.

    Immediate Profitability

    • Financial Triumph: The paid templates proved instantly profitable, generating over $3,000 within the first month of their launch.
    • Social Media Magnetism: Jason’s strategic use of Twitter and Product Hunt showcased the power of social media in driving substantial traffic and revenue to his evolving business.

    🧠 Unique Marketing Growth Hacks

    πŸ‘‰ Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin | Tiktok

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    🧠 Easlo Securing the First Wave of Supporters

    1. Tweeting to Triumph:


    • Building a Twitter Presence: In the nascent stages, my focus was on cultivating an online presence.

      Leveraging Twitter, I engaged a small audience by sharing insights, tips, and valuable resources about Notion and no-code tools.

      This engagement laid the groundwork for trust and credibility among my initial followers.

    • Showcasing Free Value: A pivotal strategy was the promotion of a free Notion template through a tweet.

      This template, resonating with the Notion community, gained momentum through resharing.

      The ripple effect amplified visibility, sparking heightened interest in my templates and resulting in the acquisition of my first customers.

    2. Product Hunt Propel:

    • Strategic Product Hunt Launch: Another key milestone was the strategic launch of my templates on Product Hunt.

      This platform provided a stage to showcase my creations to a broader audience.

      The visibility and traffic generated during this launch played a pivotal role in building my initial customer base, establishing a robust foundation for future growth.

    In these early entrepreneurial steps, the combination of Twitter engagement and a strategic Product Hunt launch acted as catalysts, propelling the business forward and laying the groundwork for sustained success.

    πŸ—’οΈ Answer

    In the early stages, I strategically utilized Twitter to engage with a small audience, sharing valuable insights and a free Notion template.

    The subsequent resharing within the Notion community amplified visibility and attracted initial customers. Additionally, a well-timed launch on Product Hunt contributed significantly to building the customer base.

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      🧠 Navigating the Solo Entrepreneurship Journey

      Embracing Individuality

      • One-Man Show: Jason proudly operates as a solo entrepreneur, personally crafting each template, tweet, and Product Hunt post. This approach, while occasionally stressful, reflects his commitment to authenticity and creativity.

      Strategic Marketing Approach

      • Ad Campaign Absence: In a world dominated by paid promotions, Jason stands out by never investing in ad campaigns. His reliance on organic growth showcases a commitment to building a genuine online presence.

      Organic Audience Expansion

      • Twitter as a Growth Hub: Recognizing the platform’s potential, Jason dedicates significant time to organic growth on Twitter. This effort has proven to be his highest return on investment, fostering a thriving online community around his brand.

      Content Focus for Engagement

      • Audience-Centric Tweets: Jason’s tweets center around supporting others in their journey to expand audiences and ventures. This resonates well within the community, establishing him as a go-to source for valuable insights.

      Consistent Social Engagement

      • Tweeting Routine: With a commitment to regular engagement, Jason tweets two to three times daily. His responsiveness extends to at least 10 tweet replies, fostering a sense of community and interaction.

      Educational Twitter Threads

      • Informative Threads: Jason’s weekly creation of informative Twitter threads adds an educational layer to his online presence. This strategic move not only positions him as an authority but also garners significant attention.

      Flexible Full-Time Commitment

      • Variable Working Hours: Acknowledging the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship, Jason’s working hours fluctuate weekly. Despite variations, his dedication remains unwavering, showcasing the full-time commitment required for solo success.

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        🧠 Inside Easlo’s Profit Strategy (Second Brain)

        Diverse Revenue Streams


        • 2022 Earnings: In a remarkable feat, Jason generated a staggering $239,000 solely from template sales in 2022, showcasing the immense potential within the Notion template market.

        Strategic Pricing Tiers


        • Template Variety: Jason strategically caters to a broad audience with a range of templates. Affordable options like the $20 Bullet Journal and $40 Finance Tracker contribute significantly, forming almost half of his lucrative business.

        Flagship Product Dominance


        • Easlo Second Brain’s Triumph: The crown jewel in Jason’s template empire is the $130 Second Brain. Surpassing $100,000 in sales, this flagship product stands as a testament to the success achievable with a premium, feature-rich template.

        Versatile Utility


        • Comprehensive Functionality: The Second Brain template offers a multifaceted experience, empowering users to track personal finance, monitor health and fitness goals, foster personal growth, and nurture relationship aspirations.

          It goes beyond by efficiently managing your inbox and schedule.

        User-Centric Design


        • Tailored Solutions: Jason’s templates aren’t just functional; they are designed with the user in mind.

          The Second Brain template, in particular, reflects an understanding of diverse user needs, providing a holistic solution for both personal and professional organization.

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        🧠 What Marketing Strategies have worked the best

        1. Social Media Mastery:


        • Triumph on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter:

          Leveraging the power of TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, I’ve successfully tapped into diverse user bases.

          By disseminating valuable Notion tips and best practices, I connect with audiences, showcasing Notion’s prowess as a productivity tool.

          This approach not only educates but also sparks interest, enticing users to explore further by clicking on bio links for free resources and templates.

        • Building a Marketing Funnel:

          The journey doesn’t end there. Once users delve into these free resources, experiencing firsthand their positive impact on productivity, they seamlessly transition into my marketing funnel.

          Through consistent communication via email newsletters and social media updates, I foster trust and loyalty, laying the groundwork for upselling related paid Notion templates that address specific needs.

        2. Strategic Landing Pages:


        • Visual Appeal and SEO Synergy:

          A key component of my success lies in visually appealing, SEO-optimized landing pages.

          Beyond enhancing the presentation of digital products, these pages significantly boost search engine visibility.

          This strategic move ensures a continuous influx of organic traffic, reducing dependency on constant social media promotion.

        3. Holistic Marketing Fusion:

        • Synergy in Action: The secret sauce lies in seamlessly blending social media marketing efforts with SEO-optimized landing pages.

          This holistic approach creates a comprehensive marketing strategy, reaching potential customers at multiple touchpoints.

          This synergy not only broadens the audience spectrum but also nurtures existing users, leading to heightened conversion rates and a flourishing customer base.

        In this dynamic marketing landscape, the fusion of social media prowess and SEO optimization emerges as a winning formula, driving continuous customer acquisition and sustained business growth.

        🧠 Easlo Tech Stack

        πŸ‘‰ Tango
        πŸ‘‰ Jasper
        πŸ‘‰ Notion

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        🧠 Follow Easlo

        You can reach me through my websiteΒ www.easlo.coΒ or on social media:

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